Hobcaw: Martha had an active morning with multiple crawls and trying to beat the approaching weather! She did a great job keeping good data and taking photos:)

Gimpy made a return with 2 more false crawls. One was a perfect breast cancer symbol with no digging. The other was more typical with multiple attempts. There was a long, crazy crawl north #15mm where the turtle climbed the scarp, crawled up to the dunes, bumped along and made a body pit on top of a dune. The turtle passed near HOB29 (7/4). On her return to the ocean she meandered again, finally making it back in! Martha located the egg chamber among the uprooted vegetation…way to go!

HOBFC39   82 yds. south #18mm  short U-turn HOB33  37 yds. north #15mm  nested on top of dune – meandering return crawl  HOBFC40  at #16mm  Gimpy – loop with no digging HOBFC41  58 yds. south #13mm  Gimpy – multiple attempts HOBFC42  73 yds. south #14mm  short U-turn

Gimpy made a breast cancer awareness sign in the sand at the #16mm on Hobcaw but did not attempt to dig.
This was another attempt by Gimpy south #13mm where she dug in multiple places but deposited no eggs. This makes 11 tries in 8 nights…poor girl.
Martha found this crawl north #15mm and located the egg chamber in uprooted vegetation atop a dune. Congratulations on HOB33, Martha!
The turtle that had just laid HOB33 took the long way back to her watery home!

DEB 19 HOB 33 SCUTE 113 SC 3680