North: Inventory Friday DEB01 Natural 5/22 located south #7mm (Ocean Park bathhouse steps) at 6:00 p.m. Please access by Beach Club walkway turning north. 

Middle: Donna S. happily reported:

DEB05 Natural 5/27 (61 days) located south WW#2 (peach house). Major hatch with multiple tracks to ocean. We will inventory Sat. at 6:00 p.m.

DEB45 Natural  north WW#5  huge area of disturbance along dune Donna and Bill located

DEB 45  HOB 33 SCUTE 234  SC 7297

7-27-22 Major hatch of DEB05 just south WW#2 in front of peach house!
7-27-22 This turtle crawled past the sand fence, made a big disturbance with lot of piled up sand!
7-27-22 Donna probed the long area of possibility made by the turtle’s effort to cover her nest and disguise it. Bill went to help Donna and the egg chamber was located!
7-27-22 DEB45 was finally located and is between WW#4 and #5.