Friday (Hobcaw)

HOB24 Relocated dated 7/1 located north #1mm    (10 min. walk south from WW#12)

Both of these inventories are north of DeBordieu but within easy walking distance north from the Beach Club.

Friday (North)

DEB26 Natural dated 6/24 located south #13mm (at southern end of Prince George – 20+ minute walk)

Saturday (North)

DEB29 Relocated dated 6/29 located north #10mm (between DeBordieu and Prince George – 15+ min. walk)

8-25-22 At the early morning inventory* of DEB28 near Prince George, 4 hatchlings were found in the chamber that had not emerged on their own. Volunteers wait 3 nights after a nest hatches to dig out the contents per SCDNR. Any hatchlings found on excavation are put on the beach to crawl to the ocean.