We have female turtles still coming in to nest and hatchling exiting their nests! Here is the inventory schedule for the nest 3 days:


DEB01 Natural 5/22 84 yds. south #7mm (Ocean Park bath house steps)


DEB05 Natural 5/27 27 yds. south WW#2 (just south of Pioneer Place Villas in front of peach house)


DEB10 5/31 8 yds. south #8mm (just north of DeBordieu on Arcadia)

DEB09 5/31 15 yds. south #14mm (Prince George)

DEB02 5/24 22 yds. north #14 (at Prince George)

Turtle tracks indicating a healthy hatch from a nest!
7-24-22 These 10 hatchlings were found in the inventory of DEB03 near #9mm located between DeBordieu and Arcadia. Volunteers put the turtles on the beach where they instinctively crawl to the ocean. We never know if there will be live hatchlings in a nest so it is like opening a treasure chest!