We will conduct these 2 inventories simultaneously:

North: DEB12 Natural  6/1 located just south #6mm (Ocean Park) 

Middle: DEB15 Relocated 6/7 located just south WW#1 (south of Beach Club)

Hobcaw: An early morning inventory was conducted down Hobcaw Beach. One lone, frisky turtle was found in the nest and released.

Watch video: https://youtube.com/shorts/NZ98aQV67l4?feature=share

DEB 45  HOB 34 SCUTE 240  SC 7458

8-1-22 DEB12, located in Ocean Park had a healthy hatch as documented by the many tracks this morning!
8-1-22 DEB15 had an early hatch at 55 days with all tracks going to the ocean. Remember: Lights out for Loggerheads!