Tonight we did the inventory of DEB11 N 6/10 located between Walkways #5 and #6. We had a good volunteer turnout and a pretty good group gathered! Bill did the turtle education while Bob F. dug out the nest contents piling them for Debbie and Donna St. to count. With no live hatchlings to release, the nest had a good 80% hatch rate. 85/106 turtles hatched out of the nest!

Next inventory: Sunday at 6:00 p.m.  DEB15  6/14 at #6mm in Ocean Park

8-12-21 As Bill tells the crowd about our loggerhead nesting season, Bob F. digs out the contents of DEB11. Debbie and Donna count the eggs, deciding if they hatched or did not develop. There were no live hatchlings recovered tonight….maybe Sunday’s inventory will have some!