What a great inventory to launch our hatching season! 

Tonight, we opened DEB03 Relocated 5/24 located south #9mm (between DeBordieu & Prince George). We were not anticipating a crowd since this one required some walking. Between those who check the website and the folks we picked up as the blue shirts marched north from the Beach Club walkway, we had a good crowd! 

Kathi educated onlookers as Duane dug out the nest. New volunteers, Chelsey and Trisha, did the counting and sorting under instruction from Pat O. and Betsy. A total of 10 live and healthy hatchlings were found in the chamber! Two lines were formed and everyone was cooperative and respectful of the hatchlings. The nest had a great 92% hatch success and Anita is to be commended for her careful relocation job!

Please check back here daily to find out the inventory schedule including date, time and location!

7-24-22 Duane dug out the contents of DEB03 and pulled out 10 lively hatchlings that had not made it out on their own.
7-24-22 Volunteers put 10 hatchlings found in DEB03 onto the beach to allow them to instinctively crawl to the ocean.
7-24-22 Everyone was cooperative and formed 2 lines to give the hatchlings a runway to their new watery home!
7-24-22 Hatchlings make their way to the ocean where they would be welcomed by an outgoing tide. They are in for a 60 mile frantic swim to the Gulf Stream where they will encounter the mats of sargassum weed. This gives them a habitat to rest, hide and feed all while riding the strong current of the “big blue highway”!