We did the 6:00 inventory of DEB05 located just south of Pioneer Place Villas in front of the peach house. The weather was perfect, a good cloud cover and dry. Mitzi did her first dig which turned out to be a very deep chamber as Pat St. and Donna S. counted and sorted. Walter gave the educational turtle talk and continued on and on while we searched, but were unable to bring out a live hatchling. All that could exit did so on their own. This was a huge nest of 153 eggs and had a very good hatch success of 91%!

SUNDAY inventories at 6:00 pm

DEB10 5/31  8 yds. south #8mm (just north of DeBordieu on Arcadia)

DEB09 5/31  15 yds. south #14mm (Prince George)

DEB02 5/24  22 yds. north #14 (at Prince George)

7-30-22 Mitzi had a deep first dig of a chamber with DEB05. Sand had accreted about a foot over the 61 day incubation.
7-30-22 Everyone wants to see hatchlings but we don’t always have them at inventory time. There were no live ones in DEB05 but all that could get out did so on their own…yay!

7-30-22 Walter is very educated about sea turtles and offered some of his knowledge to the group of about 22-30 that gathered.