Tonight, we did the inventory of HOB12 Natural 6/15 located 75 yds. south #0mm. Though small, we were amazed at the number of those interested (all ages) that showed up which tells us people are visiting our website! Anita began digging with Trisha and Judy M. sorting/counting. The nest, laid in the renourishment sand, was very deep and longer arms were needed. Bill dug out the remainder of the contents, coming up with a large number of unhatched eggs (discolored). The sand was dark and damp, not a good environment for incubation. With no live hatchlings, the hatch success was only 59%.

8-16-22 HOB12 inventory, just south of the last house in Ocean Green, drew a small but interested group.
8-16-22 Anita began to dig but the nest was so deep, Bill was called to excavated the rest of the chamber. He brought out a number of unhatched eggs but no live hatchlings were left in the nest.
8-16-22 This is the DNA of HOB12 which tells us she also laid DEB11 and likes to nest primarily on DeBordieu, Hobcaw and North Island.