Hobcaw: Tonight we did the inventory of HOB10 natural 5/27 just a south #1mm. We had a good crowd for a semi-remote nest. They were not disappointed as Steven pulled out 21 live hatchlings! We had one hatchling with a gimpy flipper. Martha almost swam it to the Gulf Stream…true dedication
Team: Steven, Jane, Susan Hatch success: 82%

7-29 A crowd gathered on Hobcaw Beach for the inventory of HOB10.
7-29 The HOB10 inventory team dug out the contents of the nest and found 21 hatchlings that had not made it out on their own.
7-29 21 hatchlings were put in a bucket and released onto the beach to crawl to the ocean.
7-29 Martha passed the bucket of turtles around for all to see and be amazed!
7-29 2 turtles crawl side by side to their new watery home.
7-29 A hatchling with a gimpy flipper is lovingly given a little boost past the breakers by dedicated Martha!