Hobcaw: Tonight we did the inventory of HOB15 natural 225 yds. south WW#12 in Ocean Green. The King Tide brought in a lot of extra ocean making our inventory space very tight. In addition, we had about 40-50 people that attended and 3 turtles to release! All went well and tonight many more people of all ages became turtle fans!

Team: Pat St, Bob C., Judie E.

Turtle Talk: Kathi A.

Hatch success: 85%

7-30 Kathi A. speaks above the encroaching high tide at the inventory of HOB15. She did a good job educating the crowd of 40-50.
7-30 An avid crowd looked on as the HOB15 inventory team dug up the contents of the nest.
7-30 3 hatchlings were found in the nest chamber 3 days after the hatch.
7-30 2 of the 3 turtles were released onto the short stretch of beach to crawl to the ocean.
7-30 Inventory attendees and volunteers line up to give the 3 hatchlings a proper send off into the Great Atlantic…their new watery home!