Middle: Tonight we did the inventory of DEB12 natural 6/2 43 yds. south WW#4 with about a crowd of about 60 attending! Walter gave his dynamic, animated talk as the team dug in and brought out 119 white shells. We had no unhatched eggs and 2 dead hatchlings which made for our highest success rate to date! There was one live hatchling to release, a real crowd pleaser:)

Team: Susan, Pat S., Bob C.

Bucket duty: Lourdes

Hatch success: 97.5%

7-31 Walter gave his interesting turtle talk and did a good job educating the crowd.
7-31 Susan dug out the nest contents as Pat S. and Bob C. sorted/counted the shells.
7-31 A lone hatchling crawls to the ocean to begin a 60 mile swim to the Gulf Stream. Once there, it will hide, rest and feed in the shelter of the floating sargassum mats and ride the current of the powerful great blue highway!