Inventory: Tonight, we did the inventory of DEB23 relocated 6/10 132 yds. south WW#5. There was a good crowd of about 75 people of all ages that Walter educated about loggerheads. We had 2 hatchlings that were released and made their way to the ocean. Everyone was very appreciative of our efforts and will join us for the line-up of inventories over the next several days!
Team: Bob B., Donna, Judie E. Bucket duty: Pat St. Hatch success: 86%

Check out this video:

8-3 A crowd gathered for the inventory of DEB23 located just south WW#5.
8-3 Two hatchlings who had not yet emerged on their own from the nest were brought out and put in a bucket for release.
8-3 Lucky Pat St. got to pass the bucket with 2 hatchlings and delight all who looked in!
8-3 One hatchling was a little weak and had to be carried closer to the ocean.