Hobcaw: Tonight, we did the inventory of HOB29 natural 6/15 south WW#12 (Ocean Green). We have seen small groups/tracks out of this nest but never observed evidence of a major hatch. This turtle climbed high atop the pushed up dune in Ocean Green to lay her nest. The sand, from the 2015 renourishment, was pumped in from 3 miles offshore. It is dark and has a high shell content. The nest incubated faster and likely hatched at 49-50 days.
Team: Lourdes, Bob B., Haden

Turtle Talk/bucket duty: Martha

Hatch Success: 58%
   with one live hatchling helped out past the first waves by Haden

8-6 People gathered to watch the inventory of HOB29 in Ocean Green.
8-6 One live hatchling was found in the nest that did not make it out on it’s own. Because it had a deformed belly, it couldn’t crawl very well. Haden gave it a lift past the first breakers where it swam free!