Middle: Tonight we did the inventory of DEB24 natural 6/11 131 yds. south WW#3. This was a big nest with a total of 137 eggs and it did well:) We had a good, attentive crowd with lots of questions and thrilled to see 2 hatchlings!

Turtle Talk: Duane
Team: Haden, Anita, Kathy C.
Bucket Duty: Jane
Hatch Success: 89%

8-9 Kathy C., Anita and Haden were the inventory team for DEB24 to dig out the nest, sort and count eggs/egg shells.
8-9 Duane educated the crowd about loggerheads and DeBordieu & Hobcaw SCUTE’s efforts to protect the nests of this threatened species.
8-9 Jane passed the bucket with 2 hatchlings found in the chamber of DEB24 that had not made it out on their own. These are thought to be the ‘runts’ and sometimes have deformities. We give them all an equal chance for survival!
8-9 The crowd was asked to form 2 lines to allow the 2 hatchlings to crawl to the ocean. They will make 3 day swim to the Gulf Stream where they will hide, rest and feed in the cover of the sargassum rafts. Here, they catch the current of the mighty Gulf Stream that carries them around the North Atlantic Gyre.