Middle: DEB32 natural 6/17 south WW#4   group of 20
Turtle talk: Kathy C.

Team: Maribeth, Duane, Bob C.

Hatch success: 69.5% with no live hatchlings released

Maribeth dug and dug where the reed/depression were but could not find eggshells. Finally some soft sand was located along with the nest contents.

8-12 A small group gathered to watch the inventory of DEB32 south of Walkway #4.
8-12 Kathy C. gave folks the lowdown on loggerheads and answered questions.
8-12 The inventory team had to really search for the egg chamber. It was not where the reed and depression were. They finally found it and completed the inventory. There were no live hatchlings left in the nest.