North: Ingrid, Tom and Bob C. discovered coyote digging on DEB05. This may be the one volunteers have seen early in the morning heading north.
They reported the hatch of DEB04 5/19 (64 days) north #11mm with 50 tracks counted. Buffie, Mark, Frankie and Peggy will do the Thursday morning inventory.
Inventory results: DEB05 natural south #12mm 
Hatch success: 91%  3 hatchlings released

Hobcaw: Robin will do the Tuesday morning inventory of HOB05 5/26 located north #8mm

Kathi A. will do the Wed. morning inventory of HOB11 5/28 located south #4mm   

DEB 60 HOB 65 SC 332 SC 7910

7-22 A coyote dug into the hatched nest of DEB05 after it had hatched south #12mm near Prince George.
7-22 One of 3 hatchlings released from the inventory of DEB05 south of Prince George. The hatch success was a healthy 91%!