Middle: We had a great inventory with a small group of spectators at DEB38 Natural 7/13 located just south WW#4. With 2 live hatchlings released into a furious surf, the nest had a great 92% hatch success! 

King Tides: Day #2 of the King tides was further aggravated by high surf from H. Earl (passing to the east of Bermuda with 100 mph winds. Yes, we are feeling the effects this far away:( The Middle section had some strange bubbling occurring on the beach when we arrived. We wondered if it is from the renourishment not yet being compacted. https://youtu.be/Qb8oph_BVtw

When it came time to release the 2 hatchlings, there was a deep river between the only dry beach and the waves. Kathi waded out with a few others to release the hatchlings. The turtles got caught up in the outgoing rapids and were hopefully swept out. It is not a good situation as our re-engineered beach slants backward. https://youtu.be/km5bvaZHVWU

We had reports from some at the inventory that DEB39 Natural 7/15 (55 days) 23 yds. north WW#3 was taking on water. After the inventory, Bill and Betsy went by to take a look. Sadly, the nest was a foot underwater with no chance of digging it out. We are so sad to lose this nest which seemed high and dry throughout the season. 

Checking with Buffie and Mark, they surveyed Prince George and thankfully found nests status quo. Wendy will give us a report on Hobcaw nests in the morning. We have at least 2 more days/nights of these King tides.

9-8-22 The inventory team of DEB38 Natural brought out 2 healthy hatchlings that had not dug their way out of the chamber. The nest had a great 92% hatch success!
9-8-22 These 3 turtle friends were excited that 2 hatchlings were found in the nest and got to take part in the release.
9-8-22 The King tides this month have been aggravated by swells generated by H. Earl passing to the east of Bermuda. Our extremely wide beach was even flooded tonight at high tide around 7:00 p.m.
9-8-22 Sadly, we found that DEB39 Natural 7/15 (55 days) just north WW#3 had been inundated by the high tide. It was very close to hatch time.