North: Pat O. reported a crab hole at the reed of DEB04 natural north #12mm. Buffie, Mark, Frankie and Peggy will inventory this nest Thursday morning.

We will inventory DEB10 natural dated 5/26 located 36 yds. south #5mm (N. Beach Villas) Friday at 6:00 p.m. (use Beach Club walkway). Pat reported one more track this morning

Hobcaw: Kathi A. and Duane had this report:

HOB 05 relocated north #7mm inventoried yesterday was dug up by coyote this morning:(
HOB06 natural on creekside 20 faint tracks
   Bill, Lourdes, Buffie and Mark will inventory Friday morning

Inventory results: HOB11 natural 5/28 south #4mm  Hatch success: 96% with one hatchling released Duane did inventory solo!

DEB 60 HOB 65 SCUTE 335 SC 7985

7-24 A coyote dug up the contents of HOB05 just north of #7mm. Robin did the inventory yesterday.
7-24 Duane did his first solo inventory of HOB11 that had a 96% hatch success and one live turtle to release!