DEB16 Natural 6/8 located between WW#5 and #6    96%! (3rd nest to have this HS)

We had a small group of 20 that were so interested as Walter informally talked and they asked questions. Jim dug out the nest, Mitzi and Betsy counted/sorted. Jim brought out one live, frisky hatchling that made it to the ocean in short order!


DEB14 Natural (green) 6/5 located 47 yds. south WW#2 and Pioneer Place Villas (peach house)  We usually have loggerheads nesting on our beach but this is one of 2 green nests we have had this season. Greens’ nests and hatchlings look very different from loggerheads. We are hoping for at least one hatchling at inventory!

8-5-22 While Jim dug out the nest, Betsy and Mitzi counted eggs and sorted them into 2 different categories, hatched and unhatched. The nest had a great hatch success of 96%!
8-5-22 Walter educated and answered questions from the small group gathered at the inventory of DEB16.
8-5-22 The DEB16 send off crowd enjoyed documenting the lone hatchlings last contact with land for 25-30 years, if it is a female. Males never come ashore after leaving as hatchlings.
8-5-22 After all the hard work over the nesting season, volunteers are always happy to have a nest with a high success rate. DEB16 had was an impressive 96%!