DEB06 relocated dated 5/21 located 17 yds. north WW#5

Turtle Talk: Carolyn

Team: Duane, Pat St., Buffie, Mark

Hatch success: 52%
This nest had some root and sand quality issues. Two healthy, active hatchlings were released to the crowd’s delight:)

Next Inventory Saturday at 6:00 p.m.: DEB07 natural dated 5/23 located south #10mm (between DeBordieu & Prince George (access by Beach Club or North Access Road)

7-18 Carolyn talks turtles to the crowd gathered for the inventory of DEB06.
7-18 This is one of 2 hatchlings found in the nest at inventory. Both were healthy and frisky!
7-18 These hatchlings instinctively know that the land is not where they belong and make a beeline to the ocean once they are put on the beach.
7-18 Inventory attendees give the 2 turtles a farewell send-off into the waves where they will swim for 60 miles to the great blue highway, the Gulf Stream.