DEB23 Relocated 6/21 north #10mm  Mark and the dogs checked this nest around midnight and watched a magnificent boil! Mark wrote:

I took this photo with the night vision (not flash) feature on my iPhone 13 Pro Max and using my red flashlight (video converted to B&W). I was sitting behind the nest (literally). You can see how light the sky looks towards Myrtle Beach.

And that’s the direction the hatchlings went also – NE instead of directly E. I have more footage of rescuing 2 hatchlings from getting snatched by a ghost crab at water’s edge – and some of several hatchlings making it to the ocean. I stayed around long enough to make sure I didn’t see any stragglers. Interesting some hatchlings were temporarily detained by recent tire ruts from an ATV but managed to get out.      Thanks Mark!!

We will inventory both of these nests tonight (Saturday) at 6:00 pm (about 15-20 minute walk north from Beach Club walkway)

DEB24 Relocated 6/24 110 yds. south #9mm 

DEB25 Relocated 6/22  62 yds. south #8mm   

DEB 46 HOB 37 SCUTE 251 SC 7764