We are approaching mid-July which means we likely have another 5-6 weeks of nesting. We hope the turtles stop laying around mid-August for the nests to properly incubate. Any nests laid later are prone to longer hatch times as days shorten and night temperatures cool in September/October. In 2020, we did our last inventory on Halloween (laid 8/22/20).The hatchlings did not want to go in the cool ocean!

Middle: Jackie found a crawl south WW#6 where the turtle went up high and made a U turn just before a walkway. Probing and digging in a few spots, Jackie never felt a soft area indicating a chamber. She marked it with 5 reeds indicating a false crawl.

DNA: Thanks to our volunteers for collecting one egg from each nest for DNA analysis. Results from some Hobcaw nests are beginning to show up on www.seaturtle.org! These indicate frequency, location of nesting, etc….so interesting.

DEB 32 HOB 26 SCUTE 143 SC 3910
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