Middle: The only activity this morning was a crawl Carolyn found south WW#2. The turtle scaled the scarp and made 2 disturbances before deciding to return to the ocean. Carolyn probed both areas and called Kathi A. for another set of eyes/hands. Both called it a false crawl. Hopefully, the turtle will try again tonight:)

5-23-21 This turtle climbed the scarped beach and attempted to nest.
5-23-21 Carolyn and then Kathi A. probed the 2 disturbances the turtle made but found no chamber….a false crawl.

Hobcaw: Having no activity, Brandie sent this pretty sunrise photos.

5-23-21 The sun rises on Hobcaw Beach.

Here is where we stood a year ago today:

DEB 1 (2) HOB 3 (2) SCUTE 5 (9) SC 244 (321)