Middle: Last night around sunset, Kathi A., Buffie and Mark watched the hatch of DEB40 relocated south WW#5! They counted 52 hatchlings that made their beeline march to the sea. Buffie took this great video and then did a professional job of edited it. https://youtu.be/D-cf1uQgIpQ

We will do this inventory Friday at 6:00 p.m.

Hobcaw: Wendy, subbing for Martha, had this report:

HOB48 natural 7/2 (49 days) north #8mm  Major hatch – 75+ tracks also with crab/coyote tracks  Bill will inventory Friday morning

Shark activity: Wendy reported a big show of 25-30 sharks (4-6 ft.) in shallow water near the inlet…yikes!

DEB 63 HOB 67 SCUTE 354 SC 8646

8-19 DEB40 south WW#5 had a major hatch last night around sunset. Volunteers counted 52+ tracks all heading to the ocean!
8-20 Wendy found that HOB48 north #8mm on Hobcaw Beach had a major hatch of about 75 turtles. This nest is only 49 days.
8-20 The sharks are close to shore this time of year. Wendy saw a show of about 25-30 at North Inlet.