North: Pat O. and Pat St. reported more coyote problems. They dug into DEB16 6/4 (57 days) south #11mm that was either was in the hatching process. ‘The Pats’ buried shells and pipped eggs away from the nest and released 6 live hatchlings.

Middle: Donna had this report:

DEB23 relocated 6/10 (only 51 days) south WW#5   Hatch with 30-40 tracks counted! We will inventory this nest Sat. at 6:00 p.m.

Inventory tonight at 6:00 p.m.: DEB12 natural 6/2 43 yds. south WW#4 (access by Pioneer Loop on roadside)

Hobcaw: Kathi A. and Lourdes had this report:

Inventory results: HOB16 natural 5/31 south #19mm  Hatch success: 86% with no hatchlings to release   Kathi said Lourdes did the entire inventory and aced it!

Article: This past week’s Coastal Observer had a front page story on the hatching season and then a very nice editorial. The nest protection program, 30 years old this season, is aptly marked by an all-time high in nesting numbers! Thanks to SCUTE’s founders Jeff McClary and the late Chris Marlow.

DEB 62 HOB 65 SCUTE 340 SC 8323

7-31 Pat O. and Pat St. found that a coyote(s) dug into DEB16 that was in the process of hatching. The orange circle shows a distinct coyote print.
7-31 3 of 6 hatchlings were released that survived the coyote break in of DEB16!
7-31 Donna found that DEB23 hatched with an estimated 30-40 tracks out of the nest!
7-31 The Coastal Observer had a front page article about the busy hatching season and also a nice editorial.