Middle: Carolyn found a U-turn false crawl right at WW#7. It appears the turtle came up before or just after high tide (11:30 p.m.).

Hobcaw: Duane subbed for Brandie and had a crawl south #4mm where the turtle crawled up into the grass area. There was not a definite body pit and Duane probed several areas but kept running into roots. This was a later crawl than Carolyn’s and could be the same turtle so there could be a crawl tomorrow:) Duane also reported prints of either a dog or coyote in the turtle tracks.

Duane sent photos of beach debris of different sorts. Someone has decorated one the Hobcaw trees with beach chairs…not pretty:( The famous tractor down near #18mm has again been exposed along with chain link fencing from a Clemson project about 40 years ago. We will contact Hobcaw Barony about possible removal.

DEB 3 HOB 5 SCUTE 19 SC 598

5-30-21 This turtle changed her mind when she saw the steps of WW#7.
5-30-21 Duane found no eggs in this crawl and ran into lots of roots while trying. A coyote or dog showed interest.
5-30-21 Those who love and respect the beauty of the Hobcaw Beach are not amused when vacationers do things like this.
5-30-21 When tides are very low, this tractor near #18mm is exposed. It used to be behind the dunes which shows how much the beach has eroded.
5-30-21 Chain link fencing from a project 40+ years ago shows up when the tides are very low. The south end of Hobcaw has seen severe erosion over the years.