Middle: Donna S, who switched days with Carolyn, had a U turn false crawl just north WW#7.

Hobcaw: Brandie and Ryan had 2 crawls this morning as the rain came down and the wind blew. Probing and digging, Brandie spent a lot of time on both crawls but found no soft spots. She invites Steven to give them a try tomorrow. Both seem to look like possible nests just north #4mm and just north #6mm.

Certification: We are happy to announce our first SCDNR certification of the season! Pat Stavola has completed all the steps required. She came to us in 2019 after moving to DeBordieu via Greensboro (28 years). Originally from New York, Pat’s career was as an attorney for agricultural products with a focus on environmental and workplace regulatory work.  She and husband Joe have 2 grown daughters.
Pat first became interested in turtles while vacationing at Kiawah in 1990 and watching an inventory where they released a hatchling. When they moved to DeBordieu, she read about our volunteer program in the Blue Heron and signed up. Walking with a variety of volunteers has benefitted Pat in training. Her instructors have been impressed with her grasp of the procedure and attention to nest data. Pat is equally impressed that the volunteer effort has had a positive effect in increasing loggerhead nesting and is happy to be a part of it. Congratulations!

DEB 14 HOB 8 SCUTE 59 SC 1629

6-13-21 Pat Stavola has earned her SC Dept. of Natural Resources certification.