We seem to be averaging about 1-2 nests a day as we head into the peak nesting couple of nesting weeks….could get more interesting!

Middle: Donna couldn’t have asked for a more ideal first nest of the season:) She found a crawl just south WW#3 where the turtle climbed a dune and left a body pit. Donna wasted no time locating eggs making it DEB16….congratulations!

Hobcaw: Kathi A’s activity was a crawl south #7mm up on the dune in grasses. She thought it would be difficult to locate but did so on the 3rd probe, HOB12!   

DEB 16 HOB 12 SCUTE 70 SC 1866

6-16-21 Donna found a crawl with a potential nest up on a good slant in the Middle section.
6-16-21 DEB16 is a natural nest just south WW#3…way to go Donnal!
6-16-21 Kathi A. found a crawl south #7 on Hobcaw that went up in the grasses. The outgoing crawl was a long, meandering one at low tide.
6-16-21 HOB12 is located up high enough but is in some grasses. Good job finding the egg chamber Kathi A.!