We must be in the peak 2 weeks with nesting activity on a daily basis…

Middle: Bob C. had a crawl north of WW#7 near yesterday’s nest. Bob is working toward certification so Bill went to work with him. It was a one-probe find for Bob and relocation was necessary because the nest was laid in the scarped dune. Bob carried out the entire procedure by himself…good effort!

DEB19   61 yds. north WW#6   120 eggs relocated

Bob C. found DEB19 just north of WW#7 laid in a scarped dune and knew it would need relocation.
Bob relocated 120 eggs to the “nursery” just north of WW#6.

Hobcaw: Lourdes subbed for Susan today and had a busy morning! She found a textbook crawl right at the #0mm just south of Ocean Green. Walking on, she had a Gimpy false crawl with multiple digging attempts north #9mm. There was a second Gimpy effort on the extreme backside of Hobcaw past the axle on the creek. Lourdes probed in the only likely area but to no avail. Returning to #0mm, she easily located HOB28 and was thankful for this tidy turtle. Great first solo nest, Lourdes!

Gimpy tried, unsuccessfully with multiple attempts, to nest on the creekside of Hobcaw. Lourdes probed her last effort but found no eggs.
Since Gimpy is missing her right rear flipper, she has difficulty digging her chamber deep enough. Here, north of #9mm on Hobcaw she tried 5 different places.
Lourdes had her first solo nest as a newly certified volunteer. HOB28 was located just north of #0mm on Hobcaw.

HOBFC30   47 yds. north of tire axle on DeBordieu creekside    HOBFC31   27 yds. north #9mm    HOB28   1 yd. north #0mm 

DEB 19 HOB 28 SCUTE 88 SC 3306