HAPPY JULY 4th!! Let the celebration begin with our 50th (and 51st) nests!!

Middle: A smart loggerhead waited until early morning (5:00?) to crawl up in front of the peach adobe house south WW#2. Carolyn found a tidy nest and went right to the egg chamber making our 50th nest for DEB/HOB! Congratulations to Carolyn:)

Hobcaw: Brandie, walking with friend, Ashley, found a crawl in the scarped, pushed up dune in the middle of Ocean Green. Any nest laid in this area has to be moved to just south #0mm. They relocated the nest of 106 eggs to a “nursery” area which is safer habitat for these nests to incubate. Great job this morning Brandie & Ashley!

Fox problem: Many of us have observed several foxes on or around the beach that have no fear of humans. Some have actually approached people. Our suspicions have been confirmed that these wild animals are being fed. One of our volunteers observed a construction worker on a job site tossing food to a fox. Security was notified. Please do not feed wild animals because they lose their natural fear of humans.

It is shaping up to be a healthy nesting season! The numbers in parentheses are where we stood on July 4 in 2020:

DEB 29 (19) HOB 22 (29) SCUTE 128 (90) SC 3439 (3428)

7-4-21 A turtle waited until just before daylight to crawl up and lay a tidy nest south WW#2.
7-4-21 The tight body pit allowed Carolyn to locate the egg chamber quickly.
7-4-21 Carolyn had the honors of finding DeBordieu & Hobcaw’s 50th nest!
7-4-21 Brandie found this crawl in Ocean Green where it appeared the turtle nested in the scarp of the pushed up dune. Nests laid in this area must be relocated south of #0mm.
7-4-21 With friend Ashley counting, Brandie relocated 106 eggs to safer habitat south of #0mm.