North: Martha spotted a crawl north #12mm near Prince George with a loopy turn at the base of the dunes with no piled up sand. Finding nothing on toward the inlet, she returned to the crawl to probe. After exploring the entire area she “threw in the towel” calling it a false crawl.

Middle: Jackie’s activity was a textbook crawl at WW# 3. She easily located the egg chamber and  we decided it could remain natural (DEB28)…yay Jackie!

Hobcaw: Wendy also had a crawl just north #3mm that came in, bumped along the grassy dune and then climbed the low dune. There appeared to be uprooted vegetation and thrown sand. Wendy successfully located the egg chamber…way to go on HOB21!

DEB 28 HOB 20 SCUTE 124 SC 3299

7-3-21 Jackie found a crawl in the Middle right at WW#3.
7-3-21 DEB28 could remain natural since it was above the spring tide line. Way to go Jackie!
7-3-21 Wendy’s activity on Hobcaw was a crawl where the turtle bumped along the dune but found a spot to climb up and lay her eggs.
7-3-21 HOB21 is in a good spot for incubation, a clearing on a low dune…nice job Wendy:)