We are hoping Gimpy nested on North Island this week as she has not revisited Hobcaw. She will likely return in 2 weeks.

Middle: Jackie sent photos of a potential nest just north of WW#4. The turtle came up on an incoming tide, the tracks were even and the crawl had been rained on. It was difficult to tell in from outgoing tracks. Jackie had probed multiple times in the rock-hard sand and found nothing. Betsy also gave it a try but had to call Bill. He found it on the opposite side from where we had probed…thanks Bill!

DEB04 was laid early in the evening on an incoming tide. The rain made reading the tracks difficult. Jackie and Betsy both tried but it was Bill who located the egg chamber!

Hobcaw: Wendy and Duane found a crawl north of #11mm just above the wrack and scarp. Duane located the nest and decided to leave it natural. This nest gets you closer to certification, Duane!

Wendy and Duane found this crawl north of #11mm. Duane probed and located the egg chamber!
HOB06 protected.

Light switch covers: Duane saw this on Facebook today. Done by local Pawleys Island artist Estee Hannon, installed for free by Accent Lighting of the Grand Strand and soon available in local Pawleys Island stores. Great idea and perfect for oceanfront houses…Lights Out for Loggerheads!

A great idea for reminding oceanfront homeowners/renters to turn off lights for nesting/hatching sea turtles!

DEB 3 HOB 5 SCUTE 24 SC 757