Middle: Carolyn found that a tidy turtle crawled up just north WW#6 and left her a gift above the tide line! These nests are such a pleasure to work on especially after having difficult ones. Carolyn easily located the egg chamber and made it DEB19…yay! The nest is just below a large colony of beach vitex at the rust roof house. We will need to keep an eye on the growth of this invasive plant to make sure it doesn’t spread onto the beach/nest.

DEB19 Natural  north WW#6    

Sunrise photos: Martha, Lori and Michael walking the North had no activity nor did Brandie and Ryan. They sent these colorful sunrise photos.

DEB 19 HOB 8 SCUTE 70 SC 2659

6-12-22 A nest like this one today in the Middle at WW#6 is a gift because the turtle is very concise making it easier for the volunteer to zero in on the most likely area for the egg chamber.
6-12-22 DEB19 was laid in a perfect spot above the spring tide line at the gentle rise of the dune.
6-12-22 Lori captured the sun as it came out of the horizon on Prince George.
6-12-22 At about the same moment as Lori took her sunrise photo, Brandie took hers on Hobcaw.