Middle: Lori and Michael had their first solo nest and were very happy to share the experience and educated a family of 12! This turtle crawled about 50 yds. from the south then turned landward and found a spot between sand fences to lay a concise, tidy nest. The family even asked Michael to take their Christmas card photo in front of the nest! It was a great first experience for all:)

DEB39 Natural   north WW#3    Lori located

DEB 39            HOB 30                SCUTE 197               SC 6498

7-15-22 This turtle traveled about 50 yds. trying to decide where to nest between WW#3 and #4.
7-15-22 The wandering turtle decided to lay her tidy nest between the sand fences just north of WW#3. Michael studied the crawl and field signs before he and Lori started probing.

7-15-22 Lori located the egg chamber of her first solo nest! DEB39 is protected and already incubating for a September hatch.