North: Judie E. had the return of yesterday’s turtle that had 2 false crawls. This is evident by the distinctive line up the middle of her crawl, likely from a barnacle on her plastron. She made a disturbance at the base of the dune, climbed up, around and back down making no body pit.
DEBFC17  south #10mm

Middle: Jackie was met at the Beach Club walkway by vacationers who told her there was a crawl just north WW#6. She was able to locate the egg chamber easily but the decision was made to relocate since it was below the spring tide line and in a vulnerable area. Donna,who needed to do a relocation, was summoned to the beach. Together, she and Jackie moved 102 eggs. There were 5 eggs in the chamber broken as a result of the sharp shards in the sand so this provided egg-cleaning practice. This was good teamwork for Jackie and Donna:)
DEB40 relocated 102 eggs to 78 yds. south WW#5

Hobcaw: Wendy had a crawl south #13mm appearing that the turtle did a tight spin in place and exited:

HOBFC27  south #13mm 
DEB 40 HOB 44 SCUTE 219 SC 5534

6-29 Jackie probes the crawl of DEB40 north WW#6.
6-29 An eggshell from each nest in SC/NC/GA is retrieved for a 9 year DNA study.
6-29 Jackie carefully takes eggs from the original nest of DEB40 near WW#6. 102 eggs were relocated to better habitat closer to WW#5.
6-29 Donna gets experience with her first nest relocation.
6-29 Jackie and Betsy look on as Donna puts eggs from DEB40 into the new locations in better incubating habitat.