Middle: Donna found a crawl south of WW#7 with even tracks due to the recent high tide and a long body pit. She was able to locate the egg chamber quickly. Due to the location and past problems with erosion, she decided to move the nest and found a new home north of WW#6 which is becoming a nursery with nests socially distancing:) Really good job this morning, Donna!

DEB18  71 yds. north WW#6  103 eggs + 1 for DNA

Donna found this crawl just north of WW#7.
She quickly located the egg chamber in the long body pit and decided the nest needed to be moved to a safer location.
DEB18 (northernmost) joined 2 other nests north of WW#6 which is becoming a nursery. Nests are socially distancing, of course:) Nice relocation, Donna!

Hobcaw: Kathi A. had 2 false crawls this morning: one was by Gimpy with 3 attempts, the other was a short U-turn by a different turtle.

HOBFC28  at inlet (U-turn) HOBFC29  24 yds. south #19mm  (Gimpy)

Gimpy revisited Hobcaw Beach last night but did not lay her nest. There were 3 attempted areas.

Rainbow: The passing storms yesterday left behind a beautiful double rainbow. Bill took this photo at the Beach Club walkway.

DEB 18 HOB 27 SCUTE 84 SC 3178