Middle: Walter had Haden, Buffie and Mark walking with him. They found a crawl north WW#7 at a scarped dune. All got good experience probing the most likely area but the hard renourishment sand prevented finding the chamber until Walter used his aluminum probe. Haden dug down in a soft area and found eggs! The 3 volunteers learned the slow and methodical art of transferring 116 eggs from nest to bucket. The new nest, DEB 23, was dug south WW#5 on a gentle slope. This was great instruction and teamwork!

Hobcaw: Steven had 2 false crawls which he felt were by the same young turtle:

HOBFC20: south #11mm HOBFC21: south #17mm 

DEB 23 HOB 22 SCUTE 124 SC 2986

6-10 Buffie and Mark look on as Haden digs where Walter found a soft area. He located the eggs and the decision was made to relocate the nest because of the scarped dune.
6-10 Buffie carefully transfers the eggs from the nest into the bucket for relocation north to better habitat.
6-10 Haden learns how to dig out the new chamber for the relocated nest using a cockle shell.
6-10 The DEB23 celebrates a nest relocation well done…
good work Mark, Buffie, Haden and instructor, Walter!