Middle: Pat, John and Marie had a nice surprise with a crawl just south WW#5. It was another textbook tidy crawl with dark sand indicating digging. This turtle had flipper “Vs” in her crawl that went both directions which made it confusing to judge incoming/outgoing by that alone. Pat, probing up the middle of the crawl from the end of the incoming crawl, found some soft areas and dug. She did not locate the egg chamber so John gave it a try and found the chamber higher up which made it ideal to leave the nest natural! It is on a good slope so maybe some wash overs won’t be an issue. Way to go Pat and John:)
Kathi A. and vacationer, Kevin, in the Sibley house both noticed the crawl around 11:30 last night as they were each night surveying.
DEB 2   HOB 1   SCUTE 12   SC 385
DEB02 was a textbook crawl laid around 11:00 p.m.
Pat and John probed the crawl of DEB02 with John locating the chamber. Go team!
John, Pat and Marie got some good experience with DEB02 in the Middle section.