North: Buffie heard from 2 of her Prince George neighbors last night around 9:00 saying they had observed, from a distance, a turtle coming out of the surf. It turned around without crawling onto the beach. This morning, Frankie, Peggy and Donna found a U-turn false crawl at the #8mm. This was likely her second attempt as she headed to the Middle (just guessing).

Middle: Bob C. had 2 false crawls:

DEBFC06 north WW#7   DEBFC07 north WW#11  (turtle ran into sea wall)
He then had a natural nest 54 yds. north WW#4 in a great spot on the dune in the pathway of a house. Bill worked with Bob on his probing technique and Bob located the chamber. DEB18 was the first to have our new nest-marking system. Good job Bob!

DEB 18 HOB 20 SCUTE 100 SC 2568

6-5 Around 9:00 p.m. at Prince George, a turtle was observed emerging from the surf. It turned around without crawling up on the beach.
6-6 Frankie, Donna and Peggy found this false crawl which may have been the turtle from Prince George making another attempt at #8mm.
6-6 This turtle made a U-turn when it hit the seawall. Hard structures are nesting deterrents for sea turtles.
6-6 Bob found this crawl north of WW#4 with high nest potential. It was laid on the gentle slant of the dune right at a house walkway.
6-6 Bob, with Bill instructing, located the chamber of DEB18, a natural nest. Good job Bob!