Middle: We got a call from Security last night around 9:30 saying there was a turtle nesting in front of Pioneer Place Villas just south of the Beach Club. Someone contacted them concerned for the turtle with all the people gathering around it. Thankfully, an officer dispersed the crowd. This morning, Carolyn found the crawl with a tight body pit and a longer outgoing crawl. She probed and was having no luck when Mark arrived after his North walk. He gave it a try but a determined Carolyn went back and, starting over, located the egg chamber! Fortunately, this turtle was also determined to deposit her eggs even with onlookers.

DEB05  78 yds. south WW#1 (Pioneer Place Villas)

What to do if you see a turtle on the beach: If you are fortunate enough to encounter a sea turtle on the beach, please crouch down and observe from a distance (turtles are very skittish on land and can easily turn around without nesting). When the turtle has dug her chamber and becomes still, this indicates she is dropping eggs. At this point you can move in a bit closer, always staying behind her, to watch the process (up to 1.5 hours). Give her plenty of space as she turns to make her return to the ocean. No flash photography or flashlights are permitted. If you follow these guidelines, you will have witnessed an amazing process!

DEB05 had a very tight body pit but managed to nest even with onlookers.
Carolyn and Mark both probed the nest but it was Carolyn who eventually found the egg chamber.
The DEB05 team…Mark and Carolyn.