Middle: Pat St. texted early with a photo of a crawl south of WW#5 that sure looked hopeful. She is working toward certification so Betsy went for guidance. There was a definite body pit with animal prints and rain drops though there was no rain overnight. Pat got some good probing experience and the soft area was located. She dug down and found eggs with a dime-size halo. This indicated development had started. The family staying at the Sibley house said the tracks were there yesterday. They were so excited and enjoyed the turtle education. The nest was in a perfect location and left natural. Pat did a good job with the whole procedure!

DEB 6 HOB 6 SCUTE 31 SC 898

6-3-21 Pat did a good job of spotting these tracks south of WW#5 among so many footprints.
6-3-21 Pat used a wooden probe to locate the soft sand of the chamber but had to switch to a sturdier metal one.
6-3-21 This young lady wants to be a sea turtle veterinarian one day and makes regular trips to the SC Aquarium’s Sea Turtle Care Center! Conveniently, she lives in Mt. Pleasant.
6-3-21 Thanks to this family, we learned the nest was a day old. It was in a perfect location and left natural for incubation (about 55-60 days).