Middle: Pat and John had a crawl just north WW#6 in front of the rust roof house that went high up on the slant. This area has either rock hard sand or really soft sand. After finding a few possibilities, John finally zeroed in on the chamber and found eggs! They decided to leave it natural because it was well away from any beach vitex. This was Pat and John’s first nest in 2 years and they were excited…way to go!

DEB 26 HOB 20 SCUTE 121 SC 3224

7-2-21 Pat and John found this crawl just north WW#6.
7-2-21 The turtle came in on the north side, dug her chamber, covered it and made a pivot and went back in the ocean. The process can take about 1.5 hours. John probed and located the egg chamber, leaving the nest natural.
7-2-21 Happy the dry spell of no nests is over, Pat and John paused to document their find, DEB27!