North: Pat, joined by Lori and Michael, had no activity and used their walk back to check nests for predators (ants, ghost crabs, etc.). Nests laid early take a bit longer to hatch due to cooler incubating temperatures. The first nest laid in SC, 5/5 at Seabrook Island (63 days), has not hatched.

Middle: Donna found a perfect crawl/body pit in an imperfect location north WW#7. She probed and easily located the egg chamber of this tidy turtle and got to work on the relocation. She found a good spot for incubation north WW#6. Donna did an amazing job, working solo, on this big nest of 147 eggs!

DEB 31 HOB 24 SCUTE 134 SC 3700

7-7-21 Pat, Lori and Michael checked nests for predators like ants and crabs.
7-7-21 Donna found this crawl just north WW#7 in an area where we cannot leave nests.
7-7-21 Working alone, Donna moved this large nest of 147 eggs to north WW#6. This location gives the nest a much better chance of success.
7-7-21 Kathi A. sent this dramatic sunrise photo from Hobcaw. What will TS Elsa bring to our coast?