Middle: Pat St., subbing for Carolyn, was about at the end of her walk and saw a crawl just north WW#7! Nesting has really diminished as that part of the season gives way to hatching. Pat probed the crawl of this tidy turtle and eventually located the egg chamber. DEB47 had to be moved north of WW#6 because this area is prone to high flooding tides. The new location gives the nest a better chance of incubation. Some folks out walking on the beach helped out with counting the eggs and also asked lots of good questions!

DEB 47 HOB 37 SCUTE 202 SC 5382

Save the date: S.C.U.T.E. Loop 5K Run/Walk – October 23!

8-8-21 This turtle crawled back over her incoming tracks flattening out her piled up sand from the covering process.
8-8-21 This body pit is about the tidiest, most concise we have seen!
8-8-21 Thanks to this group of friends who assisted Pat in counting eggs, helped protect the nest and asked lots of good questions about loggerheads!