North/Middle: Beth had Trisha and Mitzi join her on the North this morning. There was no activity on their end but Beth got a call from Kathi that there was a possible nest in front of Pioneer Place Villas (PPV)! She offered to let Beth use it for training her new volunteers. Trisha and Mitzi each got probing experience. Mitzi found a soft spot, Beth confirmed it, but realized it was below the STL in a flat area. Working alternately, Trisha and Mitzi relocated 143 eggs (+1 DNA). These new volunteers got some great experience and instruction today….good job team!

DEB15 Relocated to middle beach of Pioneer Place Villas

DEB 15 HOB 6 SCUTE 54 SC 2200

6-7-22 Mitzi digs down to find eggs while Trisha looks on.
6-7-22 The DEB15 relocation was a good opportunity to educate this grandfather and grandsons.
6-7-22 Moving 143 eggs twice makes for a long morning. Trisha and Mitzi did a great job on their first relocated nest!
6-7-22 The DEB15 team gave this nest a better home on the slant of the dune than where it was originally laid in a flat area prone to tidal inundation.