Middle: We got notice late yesterday afternoon that a turtle was hanging out in the ocean in front of the Beach Club. Usually, this means the turtle is scoping out a spot to come in and nest. This morning, Walter had a crawl with high potential just south of WW#4. Since he gets lots of probing experience on North Island, he graciously called Buffie & Mark to offer them his nest. Having no North activity, they jumped at the chance! Both worked on the crawl but Buffie located the egg chamber!

DEB22  29 yds. south WW#4   

This turtle had a perfect crawl known as “textbook’. It is every turtle volunteer’s dream to probe!
Buffie shows the egg she took from DEB22 which will be used for DNA.
Buffie has DEB22 all tucked in for a 55-60 day incubation!

Hobcaw: For the first time in several weeks, Steven had no nesting activity but had the good fortune to see Comet Neowise in the NE sky. He said it only lasted 3 seconds but was amazing! He also sent this great sunrise photo.

Click on this link to read about Comet Neowise: https://www.space.com/comet-neowise-visibility-july-2020.html

The sun rises over Hobcaw Beach on July 3.

DEB 22 HOB 37 SCUTE 129 SC 4250