Days like today make for true dedication and tougher volunteers! All sections were covered and we even had Middle activity…

Middle: Suzette and Lourdes called in a crawl north WW#3 below the spring tide line. They also found a crawl north WW#7 against the scarped dune. Bill went to WW#3 to instruct Lourdes who is working toward certification. They drew the lines for end of incoming/beginning of outgoing crawls and Lourdes concentrated probing the middle of the crawl. She eventually found a soft spot and used Bill’s metal probe to confirm. Digging down, she discovered eggs…YAY Lourdes! The nest of 166 (+1 for DNA) was relocated further north WW#3.

Judy K. and Betsy assessed the crawl north of WW#7 and the concrete-like sand prevented probing more than 4-5 in. deep. They figured the turtle couldn’t dig in this sand and called it a false crawl (DEBFC08).

DEB 25 HOB 26 SCUTE 136 SC 3337