North: Judy K. and Haden found a U-turn false crawl below the tide line north #12mm.

Middle: Pat S., John and Marie texted early to say they had a crawl north WW#6 with good nest potential. They are all working toward certification so Betsy went for guidance. They decided the turtle had not been gone long as the tracks were very fresh and were almost at the water line. They went through the procedure zeroing in on the middle of the crawl/body pit as the most likely area. John and Pat took turns probing. John found a soft area and Pat dug down to locate the eggs! The nest was exactly in the middle of a rental house beach path with no way around it once it was taped off. The decision was made to relocate with all three taking turns removing eggs. Marie dug the new chamber further north WW#6. 110 eggs (+1 for DNA) were transferred. Relocation well done, team!

DEB 26 HOB 27 SCUTE 143 SC 3554

6-14 A turtle laid her nest exactly in the pathway of a beach house. The decision was made to relocate.
Marie, John and Pat took turns carefully transferring the eggs of DEB26 out of the orignal nest and into the relocated one north WW#6.
6-14 The DEB26 relocation team proudly shows the new home site for 110 eggs. These will incubate in about 55 days. Way to go team!