North: Last night around 8:30, Mark received a video from a neighbor who spotted a loggerhead crawling out of the ocean. The man in front of them, with a leashed puppy, continued walking toward the turtle. The turtle turned around, barely emerging from the surf. Please, if you observe a turtle coming out of the ocean, crouch down and be still until she crawls up to the dune and begins nesting. You will get to watch an amazing process!

Watch video:

This morning, Martha, subbing for Judy and joined by Lori and Michael, found a false crawl near #13mm. The turtle meandered along the dune line and went back in. It may have been the same turtle trying again.

DEBFC07  north #13mm   

Middle: Carolyn found a crawl on the dune in front of the peach house just south of WW#2 and DEB05. There was a large disturbance, broken vegetation and sand thrown about 20 ft. The turtle crawled up to the top of the dune and back over its incoming tracks. While Carolyn probed, the North team went to observe. Finding nothing, Carolyn gave Lori and Michael a chance to locate the nest. Martha also tried and finally Bill was summoned. Lori said he found it close to where Carolyn had probed up at the top of the dune! Bill felt this was an extra wide crawl with flipper mark ‘chops’ parallel rather than alternating ‘swirls’. Besides a large disturbance, the nest was deeper and eggs larger than usual. Could it be a GREEN? DNA will tell us! Both nests in front of this house are in their 2 beach paths. This one will also be taped off. Thankfully, these homeowners are turtle-friendly!

DEB14 Natural  WW#2  possible GREEN

Hobcaw: Brandie, Ryan and Chelsey walked this morning and found a U turn false crawl north #10mm. There was no other activity.

HOBFC18  north #10mm   

DEB 13 HOB 5 SCUTE 48 SC 1936

6-5-22 This may be a second attempt to nest by a turtle who made a false crawl earlier. She was seen Saturday night at 8:30 emerging from the surf but turned and went back into the water.
6-5-22 Carolyn found this crawl in the Middle that had a large disturbance, 2 body pits and sand thrown far away. Besides Carolyn; Lori, Michael and Martha all probed. Bill was called and located a very deep chamber with large eggs. He noted the track looked like a green rather than a loggerhead. DNA will tell!
6-5-22 Green sea turtle tracks are wider than loggerhead. This was 41.5 in. wide and the flipper marks were parallel. Loggerheads are alternating.
6-5-22 Michael stands in the nest area where the reed is located.
6-5-22 DEB14 is in the beach pathway of this home and was taped off so they will need to walk around it. Fortunately, these are turtle-friendly folks and will be excited to have 2 nests to watch over!